Home Ownership

Photo of Stolkholm Village entrance.

It is our mission to help individuals and families get out of the game of paying rent forever. We want you to live in a home that you will own outright and pay us nothing for. Our mobile homes are less expensive than comparable apartments in the area (view current listings). You will own your home typically in 2-7 years and be done paying house rent forever! (There will be just the lot rent to pay.)

Once you own your home, you have an asset that you can live in rent-free, or rent out to others, or can sell and recoup some of your investment if/when you are ready to move on. You can even move the home to your own land if you wish, although we certainly hope you choose to continue living with us! This will be your home to do with as you see fit.

Our Rent-To-Own program is the most unique in the nation because it is a Rent Credit program. What makes our program better for you than other mobile home programs is that you build up rent credits (like mileage in an airline’s frequent flyer program) that you can cash in on ANY of our homes.

You can, of course, purchase the home you live in; but if a home comes available in our community that you like better, you can move into it without loosing any money, and finish your payments in that home. Our residents always have priority over prospective residents.

Once you are in our community, you have first pick of any new home that comes available.

Paying rent on an apartment or house is a fool’s game. Help us to help you. Get on your way to never paying apartment or house rent again, and to building up equity in your own home and reducing your cost of living.

Current Listings

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